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    مبنى 20- الشطر السادس- زهراء المعادى
    ت: 01100077003 ,01100077004 ,01100077005
  • logo Nour Nursery
    فرع 1 8145 المعراج السفلي - زهراء المعادي
    فرع 2 52 ش 306 المعادي بجوار مستشفى تبارك
  • logo BentlSultan Nursery
    1434 كورنيش النيل بجوار باناسونيك

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Teddy“Welcome to the Egypt Nurseries of egy-nursery.com. our main goal is to help both nurseries owner and parents to have a great and effective comunication channel that enable nursery owner to effectively manage the nursery, and the parent to effectively comunicate with the nursery and continously follow up the child progress during day to day activities.
We provide an online application that provide the nursery with the following features

  • Teacher attendence management
  • Child attendence management
  • financial report
  • Eletronic child notebook
  • Including online website with your custom information